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Portrait of Holger Schröder

Holger Schröder, born in 1970, founded his company audio solution in 1998 in Melle, Lower Saxony. But at this point in time, the engineering graduate (FH) first came into contact with audio electronics many years ago.

When he was still at school in the mid-1980s, the first attempts were made to go to a local music equipment rental company in his home town of Hildesheim. In addition to training as a radio electronics technician at the long-established company Blaupunkt, he was soon responsible for the FoH or monitor mix at numerous concerts - and made sure that the defective tube amplifiers on the local guitar scene worked again without any problems.

The enthusiasm for music never left him. And so, after successfully studying communications processing at the Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences, he went to England as an engineer for the mixing console manufacturer Soundcraft, where he, among other things, developed digitally controlled analog consoles.

The subject of mixing consoles fascinated Schröder for a long time and from 1996 he worked for the small manufacturer WK Audio in Melle, before setting up his own company audio solutions two years later.

In the past decades, Holger Schröder has personally experienced the technical change in mixing consoles and audio electronics in practice. Whether analog or digital - he is at home in both worlds. As a contact person who thinks for the benefit of his customers in planning and implementation, he can always offer the right solution for repairs, restoration or project development.

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