The amplifier ensures that the electric guitar or bass can be heard at all. But an amp is not only responsible for the simple volume - with its specific character, each amplifier offers its own sound.

Be it case amplifiers from the 1950s, stacks from the 80s, transistor combo or current boutique models: there is not only the right instrument for every musician, but also the right amplifier. Only together do they finally provide the unmistakable sound that fuels your own creativity.

To keep it that way, guitar or bass amplifiers also need regular care and maintenance. We are the right contact for you - whether it be for error analysis, replacement of the tubes, BIAS adjustment or modifications. So that it grooves again on stage.

And if necessary, audio solutions also offers careful restorations for the beloved (and valuable) vintage amps. Because Bassman, AC 30 or Plexi should sound perfect and unmistakable even today - and be reliable.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about guitar and bass amplifiers.




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